Blood Nutrition Science

Dr. Anthony Kell, D.C.

There is no general screening test that is more efficient, effective and affordable than a comprehensive blood chemistry panel. A comprehensive blood chemistry panel will allow your healthcare provider to quickly assess the degree of health or disease in a patient. It is the ultimate tool in biomedical laboratory sciences to evaluate new patients. It allows the healthcare provider to establish a baseline of bio markers that can be used to track the patient’s health immediately and over a period of time.

Blood chemistry is a very effective tool for any healthcare provider to screen and identify imbalances in the body metabolism. It serves as an inexpensive way to asses major bodily functions.

A blood chemistry test analysis should be considered by everyone especially if you have not had a comprehensive evaluation in years. Many health problems can be prevented and managed effectively with early detection. Today’s current model is disease management, not early detection & management. Gone are the days when patients were given comprehensive detailed annual examinations and laboratory assessments. There is no better example of the diminished quality and comprehensiveness of annual physical examinations than the blood chemistry panel. A decade ago the average annual lab work ordered in a physical exam included a Chem-24, CBC with differential, TSH, and a lipid panel. However, the healthcare model today customarily performs a simple chem.-7 and lipid panel. The addition of a TSH, a CBC, or other tests is no longer routine. In the current HMO model, physicians are evaluated on a regular basis to assess their so called “effectiveness “as a medical provider in the HMO setting. HMO physician who order extra tests are considered unqualified providers.

I understand that many people have given up on the current healthcare mode. In light of this, I am committed to providing comprehensive healthcare evaluations. Please feel free to fill out a health screening questionnaire and schedule a complimentary consultation to determine your current health status, needs or goals and if I can help you.

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