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Dr. Anthony Kell was born in Newcastle, England. He attended Los Angeles College of Chiropractic graduating with a doctorate degree in chiropractic in 1995. Before moving to Phuket, Dr. Kell had practiced for 15 years in San Luis Obispo, California, USA.

Dr. Kell has advanced training in the diagnosis and treatment of sports injuries including exercise rehabilitation and nutrition. He has as worked as a sports team doctor for San Luis Obispo area high school football teams teams. He has provided chiropractic services for the Football & Track & Field teams at Cal Poly State University San Luis Obispo. He has also provided consulting advice on golf biomechanics to the golf teaching academies at Cypress Ridge & Dairy Creek Golf Courses in Central California.

In addition to his sports treatment activities, he is a workplace injury prevention consultant teaching an active, hands on approach that recreates the employee’s workplace environment including a job specific stretching program. Past clients have included Wells Fargo Bank & United Airlines.